Do you Know?...

  • The global real estate is expected to reach $3717. 03 billion in 2025
  • Asia Pacific holds 40% in the global real estate market
  • Tokenization raised property investment sector from 7.4 trillion USD to 8.5 trillion USD in 2017
  • Tokenized real estate could reach $1.4 trillion by 2025.

What if …

Multiple investors invest in productive assets (Real Estate) instead of just losing over inflation on their low interest bank deposits?

You can access this large Capital base of global depositors including NRI’s, resident Indians, who are risk averse but keen to generate wealth from their reasonable routine income by investing in monthly Cash Flow generating or substantial Capital gains from real assets on a transparent and safe Technology platform, which were inaccessible to them earlier?

The Future…

Every business is going to be a crypto business one day.

The global economy is embracing digital assets in a big way, and here at Pinvest, we believe that crypto adoption will significantly accelerate over the next year.

The numbers speak for themselves: 55 of the world’s top 100 banks already have crypto and blockchain exposure, and nearly all are planning to expand their footprint in the digital asset landscape.

Moreover, 26% of U.S. households have investments in crypto, and that number is climbing swiftly. The enormous demand for crypto among consumers represents a huge market opportunity for financial services, corporates, fintech firms, new Web 3 businesses, exchanges, and other institutions.

At Pinvest

We’re continuing to strengthen our secure infrastructure to future-proof institutions for tomorrow’s operational and security challenges

Please join us to make our Future Brighter, Safer and Easier for our